Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics


We endeavor to exploit the exponentially growing data from different genomic projects and other high throughput technologies to understand the role of genetic and epigenetic varaiations in common diseases. We also attempt to utilize genomic resources and bioinformatics tools to design molecular detection methods that can be be used to improve screening, diagnosis, and management of personalized treatment protocols.


GROUP LEADER: Dr. Yaqoub Ashhab

- Postdoc degree (1999-2005) Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University. Jerusalem.
- PhD degree (1998) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Barcelona.
- MSc degree (1995) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Barcelona.
- BSc degree in Biology (1991) Middle East Technical University. Ankara.


  • Ms. Asma Tamimi - Research Assistant (Lab manager)
  • Mr. Naseem Al-Bakri - MS Student
  • Ms. Nour Sharawi - MS Student
  • Mr. Salah AlJubah - MS Student
  • Ms. Bessan  Abu Snineh - MS Student
  • Ms. Ayat Taha - MS Student
  • Ms. Ikhlas Abu Hamad - MS Student
  • Mr. Abdelhalim Abuawad -PhD candidate at Julich Research Center (co-supervision)


  • Developing a cost-effective genotyping approach for CYP2C19 gene variants that are associated drug metabolism.   

  • Characterization of IS711 element in genomes of Brucella species

  • Outer membrane vesicles production from genetically modified Gram negative bacteria as antigen vehicle  


  • Dr. Hashem Tamimi
    Faculty of Information Technology, Palestine Polytechnic University.
  • Prof. Hans-Joachim Krause
    Institute of Complex Systems, Bioelectronics (ICS-8), ForschungszentrumJülich, Germany.
  • Prof. Fathia MAMI-CHOUAIB
    Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre, Paris, France
  • Prof. Guido Grandi
    Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology (CIBIO) Laboratory of Synthetic and Structural Vaccinology University of Trento Trento Italy.



  • Mr. Mohammad Qabajah
  • Dr. Mohammad Nouh Issa -Centeral Veterinary Laboratories
  • Ms. Amal Sharabati
  • Ms. Diala Shatleh-Rantisi
  • Ms. Bessan Al-janazrah
  • Ms. Assalla Abu shamsyeh
  • Mr. Khaled Al-Zatari- Palestine Red Crescent Specialized Hospital 
  • Ms. Yasmin Hisham - PhD candidate (Konkuk University-Korea)
  • Mr. Zain Bader - PhD candidate (Konkuk University-Korea)
  • Ms. Sima Qutaina PhD candidate (Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research)