Master Program

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field of research that is characterized by broad applications in several vital areas including health, agriculture, environment, energy, food and pharmaceuticals industry sector. Palestine needs to invest in the human and natural resources to support the development process, and today we see a growing demand to invest in biotechnology in many universities and ministries which require an urgent need to prepare qualified human resources to meet the needs of the local community in this sector.
In Palestine, still there is a lack in qualified postgraduate program that integrates theory and practice in the field of biotechnology. Our high quality program was developed to contribute in the developments and to transfer latest advances in biotechnology to various sectors of the Palestinian economy as well as contributing to the provision of better services in both the public and private sector. The programme is composed of 36 credit hours distributed as follows:
18 credit hours as an obligatory courses
12 credit hours as a elective, the student has to choose these courses either from medical or plant biotechnology tracks.
6 credit hours for the thesis work.
After the successful completion of this curriculum, the students are awarded Master of Science in Biotechnology indicating the specific plant or medical track.