Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology


The research activities in the Agriculture and Plant Biotechnology group has two main focal domains :

I-  Increase the agriculture productivity in the Palestinian crops with involvment of engineering and biotechnology

II- Conservation and utilization of Palestinian wild plants with attention to the medicinally important plants


Dr. Rami Arafeh, group leader

Mr. Zaid Altaradeh, lab. technician

Ms. Faten Al-Amleh

Ms. Danya Tahboub

Mr. Muath Manasrah

Ms. Haneyyeh Aljubeh

Ms. Lina Shawar

Ms. Rawan Zghayyer

Ms. Bushra Sharabati



- Studying genetic polymorphism within comoon grape varieties in Palestine

- Enhancing grape productivity by genetic barcoding of 

- Genetic transformation of landrace cauliflower

- Production of secondary metabolites from Urginea maritima



Genetic Variation in Damaged Populations of Pistacia atlantica Desf


Potential Anticancer Activity of Crude Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, and Water Extracts of Ephedra foeminea on Human Osteosarcoma U2OS Cell Viability and Migration


Antioxidants in the prevention and treatment of cancer


Computerized Extraction of Morphological and Geometrical Features for Plants with Compound Leaves


Molecular characterization of three common olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars in Palestine using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers.


When do different C4 leaf anatomies indicate independent C4 origins? Parallel evolution of C4 leaf types in Camphorosmeae (Chenopodiaceae)