7th May 2011. 1st biomed symposium

7th May 2011. The Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) at Palestine Polytechnic University, in cooperation with our M.Sc. program partners from Bethlehem University and the Palestinian Forum for Medical Research, hosted the “1st Biomedical Research Symposium.”
The excellent international presentations included keynote speaker, Dr. Yaqub Hanna from MIT, Cambridge, USA, who presented the state of the art in “Pluripotent Stem Cells and Epigenetic Reprogramming.”
Our M.Sc. students featured heavily in the day’s program of events, which also included a poster session as well as demonstration of novel bioinformatics tools for the biomedical research community that were designed by students of the PPU’s M.Sc. program in “Informatics”.
Seven of our M.Sc. students from the biotechnology program presented lectures of their excellent research. All of their presentations related to practical medical issues in the local public health community in the fields of bacteriology, virology, multidrug resistance, molecular profiling of breast cancer biopsies, analysis of SNPs associated with beta Thalassemia phenotypes and male infertility.
Bethlehem University, our partner in the M.Sc. program, and the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem featured particularly strongly in the research presentations of the students. These local achievements in biomedical research are a fruit of our shared philosophy of developing synergistic partnership and cooperation for maximising the success of our research driven M.Sc. program.