The Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) and the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in the Palestine Polytechnic University in cooperation with Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Company convened the first research day “Biotechnology Applications and the community”, the research day was held in Palestine Polytechnic University – Conference Hall with the presence of the Adviser of Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research Affairs, Dr. Karim Tahboub, and the vice president of the University for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Abu-Safa, and the formal presence from University Departments, and the researchers, academics, students and those interested in the various fields of biotechnology form different Palestinian Universities, Ministries and other special sectors.
The program began by the Vice President giving a welcome speech in which he summarized the role of the University to support research activities, followed by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Sameer Hanna, who welcomed the audience and explained the goals of holding activities which provide an opportunity for researchers to meet and talk about their research and establishing future cooperation with each other; The Research Day coordinator and event organizer, Dr. Robin Abu Ghazaleh, also welcomed the audience and talked about the research day and the important distinction of this meeting by gathering, in addition to researchers, a group of private companies and institutions active in the labor market, which have a partnership with the Center for Biotechnology / Polytechnic University to carry out scientific research for the benefit of society.
The scientific talks came from six Palestinian Universities with three presentation from the private sector, and one from the public sector. The presentations started by the (BRC) Director “Dr. Yaqoub Ashhab” discussing (The Biotechnology Research Center and its Mission), then followed: “Dr. Rezq Basheer – Salimia” from Hebron University who talked about (Molecular and Morphological Characterizations of some Palestinian Crops), “Dr. Raed Alkowni” from An-Najah National University with a presentation titled (Isolation, Characterization and Elimination of the Pathogenic Agent(s) Associated With the Fig Mosaic Disease in Palestine), “Dr. Moien Kanaan” from Bethlehem University talked about (Hereditary Research Lab Genomic Work,  A Model for Adapting Technology to  Relevant Problems), “Dr. Nasser Sholi” from National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) talked about (Studying Population dynamic of  Olive fruit fly  (Bactrocera oleae ) in  olive orchards in  West Bank), “Dr. Nawaf Abu-Khalaf” from Palestine Technical University – Khadoorie (PTUK) talked about (Visible / Near infrared (VIS/NIR) spectroscopy for agricultural and biological applications), “Dr. Ghadeer Omar” from An-Najah National University talked about (Screening of antimicrobial effect of some wild plant extracts as natural alternatives), in addition to the researcher presentations the privet sector session provides three sample of the cooperation between the University and other internal institution, the speakers of the privet sector is “Dr. Numan Malkieh” from (Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd), “Mr. Adham Rishmawi” from (Medipharm Co.) and the Administrative Consultant “Mr. Khalil Herbawi”.
At the end of the research day “Dr. Karim Tahboub” “Dr. Sameer Hanna” and “Dr. Robin Abu Ghazaleh” provided certificates of participation for researchers and then provide a Shield of honor to Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Company.