13th May 2013. Research Agreement with a value of $138000, Between (BRC) and Ministry of Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture affairs, Dr. Walid Assaf, and the head of the Palestine Polytechnic University, Dr. Ibrahim al-Masri, signed a research agreement at the Ministry of Agriculture in Ramallah. The signed agreement related to “Development of the first Palestine Biotechnology Platform for Producing Diagnostics and Antibodies for Plant and Animal viruses” with a value of ($138000).
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Walid Assaf praised the close cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Palestine Polytechnic University to develop vital projects to serve and exceed the services provides to the local community, Mr. Ibrahim al-Masri talked about the importance of developing projects focused on solving real problems related to Palestinian people, and the complementary role between the Ministry and the University.
This contract contains two projects, the first one related to “Establishing of platform for producing diagnostic and Antibodies for Plant and Animal viruses” , the second project is related to “Orf Virus Surveillance, Zoonotic Activity and Vaccine Candidate Selection for Sheep and Goats in the West Bank” .
Note that, this contract is taking place under the provisions of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture and University Graduates Union (UGU) signed in Feburay 2011 to develop joint projects between both sides.