Effects of Sheep Brain-Derived Factors on Primary Cultures of Kidney Cells

Mohammed Yahia Ismaiel Alswalhe, Mohammad Yousef Manaserah, Hasan Altarda and Dr. Robin Abu Ghazaleh
2nd Student Innovation Conference

Sheep and rabbit organs were collected and assessed for growth properties at the PPU Biotechnology Research Center’s (BRC) animal cell culture unit. A combination of mechanical and enzymatic disaggregation techniques proved successful in generating clean monolayers of confluent cells of kidney origin. The growth characteristics of adult tissues were too slow to be practicably viable, but new-born organs generated cells capable of rapid growth. In order to identify the best conditions for culturing cells a range of parameters are being assaying and we report here that a moderate supply of soluble factors extracted at the BRC from a sheep’s brain had a profoundly beneficial effect upon the growth characteristics of new-born sheep kidney cells.

Conference - Paper
Published date: 
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 17:45