Plant natural products

Secondary metabolites production from medicinal plants 

There are about 600 plant species in Palestine known for their medicinal value and used in traditional (folk) medicine. These plants contain biochemical compounds with various effects on human health.
Left: The endangered medicinal plant Arbutus andrachne “Qayqab”, middle: the tree bark, right: ripe and unripe fruits of A. andrachne.
One research approach at the BRC is focusing on the studying and utilization of medicinal plants specially the endangered ones with implementing tools in biotechnology. In summary, an endangered plant is brought to the lab, then propagated by plant tissue culture techniques, then study the chemical profile of in vitro grown material (in vitro plants, callus and cells). This enables sustainable supply of plant material and stable amount of natural products. 
The chemical compound Catechin that is isolated from different tissues of A. andrachne
The number of medicinal plants that are studied in this research line is progressively increasing. For now at least 15 medicinal plants are under investigation either by individual researches or through projects of master students.
Researchers: Rami Arafeh, Wala' Manasrah, Zahra Al-jabary, Ghada Abu-Khalaf